Welcome to My Latest 6-Step Painting Class:

Flower Pot Painting

This incredibly fun & out-of-the-box class presents you with a new way to light your creative fire, get in the flow & create playful, hang-worthy canvases for your wall.

Value: $374

Join today for only $97!




You'll love Fun Mixed Media projects if you are ...


You'll love this class if you:

  • Are a beginner
  • Are already experienced
  • Want to experience the excitement of mixed media collage and painting – so you actually WANT to go into your Art room!
  • Feel stuck and want to loosen up and get out of perfectionism and feel joyful when painting!
  • Make your painting process more fun and get back in the juicy fun flow where you forget about time!

What You'll Learn

You'll have immediate access to 6 Fun Mixed Media Videos - plus bonuses – the moment you enroll.

Enjoy simple, easy-to-follow videos leading you through 2 painting projects and back into your painting flow.

Module 1: Get to know the materials

Module 2: Start collaging, painting and building layers into your flower pot

Module 3: Play with paper, add stencils and patterns into your painting

Module 4: Creating a quick composition for your flowers

Module 5: Create vibrant flowers with paper and paint

Module 6: Add final touches to bring your painting all together!

BONUS Butterfly Painting Class:

Module 1: Create your first layer with inspirational words and collage

Module 2: How to add inspiring papers into your butterfly

Module 3: Bringing your whole painting together into a hangable piece

Why paint with me?

Nice to meet you! I'm an international Art Mentor, Mixed Media Painter and Golden Paints Art Educator. I've helped hundreds of women become Professional Quality Painters through my proven Art Mentoring program.

I'm also the real deal. I sell and show my own paintings, and license my Art. I've been lucky enough to create Art for companies like Trader Joe's, The North Face, Alpine Bank, healthcare corporations and more. I've also been an influencer for Art.com.

My work is collected internationally in both private and corporate collections. My greatest love (besides my family) is painting and teaching women to open up to their greatest Art... I hope you'll join me!

Hear what my students say...

"My painting, using techniques learned from you this summer, won an award at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Thank you. Your workshop has changed my life!!!”

- Rae Ellen (Utah)

darla with her mixed media floral paintings from kellie day class

"I took your ... class last summer, and loved it. In fact my painting from that class was chosen as one of the winners for the Colorado Regional Competition!”

- Darla (Colorado)

Marian with painting from kellie day class

“I enjoyed your class immensely and rate it a 10.  I watched the videos over and over which made me brave enough to start my own projects.  I liked the mix of teaching tools and I felt connected to others with your use of the FB page.”

- Marian (Arizona)

I am creating like never before and finding so much joy in it. ... Kellie is so support and keeps you encouraged and helps you realize you are not alone in your feelings. 

- Laura (Atlanta)

"Thanks so much, Kellie. I'm in awe of your teaching and how your course has been set up and delivered. It's very professional and thoughtful ... You've ignited my JOY and enthusiasm and that's priceless."

- Jodi (Vancouver)

What's the Real Value of this Class?

kellie day online mixed media class


$35,000 - $60,000


Long, technique-focused, critical, competitive and expensive.



$2,000 – $5,000


Involves travel, investment, and time away from home, work and family.



Several thousand $


Incredible results but you must be ready to invest in yourself.


$347 $97


Get painting right away, get in your joyful flow and start painting today!


  • BONUS 1: Mixed Media Butterfly Painting Class to give you another fun easy project to add inspiration and play to your Art practice ($97 VALUE)
  • Butterflies are a metaphor for transforming into your highest self. You'll love this easy way to get into your Art room and start painting. Get out of perfectionism! Learn to be loose and free and incorporate your own voice into your painting. Special collage cheat sheet of inspirational words included!
  • BONUS 2: "Magical Colors" Cheat Sheet to give you resources I use personally to discover glorious color palettes! ($27 VALUE)
  • It can be so confusing to choose colors from the hundreds available. I make it easy for you by sharing these short-cuts I love to use in my own work – so your life can be easier.
  • BONUS 3: Recording of a Live Group Mentoring Call – where you can hear students asking questions about this class and learn from the guidance I give them! ($250 VALUE)
  • Experience this virtual group mentoring call and hear how other students were coached by me. Pick up on so many more tips than you can ever imagine – it's like the world's best podcast!
  • PLUS: Private Class Facebook Group to meet like-minded Artists, find support and get inspired! (PRICELESS)
  • Join my private FB group and enjoy sharing your work with others in a safe environment – so that you can feel supported in a like-minded, creative community!

Making art should be fun, and that's a guarantee...

That's why I offer an unconditional 5-day money-back guarantee for this class.

If you join this class and feel you are not a right fit for any reason, just let me know within 5 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full.

This Fun Mixed Media Flower Pot class will show you how to:

  • Build up layers of collage and paint
  • Be free and get out of perfectionism
  • Choose colors that you love
  • Move through the process of creating a painting from start to finish
  • Find joy, relaxation, and get into your creative flow.
  • Make drawing your composition non-intimidating, even if you think you can't draw.
  • Put finishing touches on your painting to bring it all together.
  • Plus bonuses



What is the subject of the class?

I'm painting a flower pot, but you can paint any subject you like with the process I'll teach you. You’ll see how to loosen up, use fun materials and build beautiful layers and textures with mixed media and acrylic paints.

What if I don’t have time for this now, but I’d love to do it later?

No problem, you can join now and access the class for up to a year – Easy peasey!

What’s on the supply list?

You probably have everything you need if you’ve already been painting, it’s a pretty short list, but you might want to grab some little things. Like some exciting new colors you love. OR, just use the acrylic paints you have. That’s perfectly fine too. Gather some fun papers to collage, and you'll be on your way!

What if I’m just a beginner, will I be able to do the painting?

Absolutely. I’ll walk you through step by step with clear instructions and videos on how to have fun and create this painting with your very own unique touches.

What if I’m already an experienced painter, will I still get something out of this class?

This class is excellent for experienced Artists too if you want to loosen up, get out of “the box” and expand your horizons. You’ll get new tools, see how I paint and what helps create excitement in your art, which captivates and attracts your viewers. There is so much goodness in this class! 

What if I’m not a mixed media painter? Why should I take this class?

This class isn’t intended to replace anything in your painting practice – it will just enhance it. Sometimes when you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, the exact recipe that you need to jump start your art is something completely new and adventurous!

I really crave community and other Artist friends, will we get to interact with the others in the class?

You’ll join the private Facebook group and be a part of this wonderful community! Share your paintings, share your heart and meet new friends.

How does it work?

As soon as you purchase this class you'll receive an email with immediate access. Jump right in and start watching the videos and creating your paintings. You'll have access to this class for an entire year!


I’m here for you. Send me your question here.

And so much more ....


Learn to paint freely without perfectionism.


Learn methods that you can use in your OWN future paintings!


Find out how I go from start to finish to create a mixed media painting ... with my Mentoring voice giving you love and support all the way.


Kellie day with student kristen chen and her mixed media flower paintings


Your voice matters, listen as I Mentor you on how to add your own personal touches.


Put on that dance music and get in touch with your inner creative artist!


Create a hang-worthy painting for your own wall!

"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them."

― Elizabeth Gilbert.

"Kellie Day gave me inspiration and encouragement and I am forever grateful… Not to be too sentimental but your teaching was the first time I really felt like an artist and the potential to do good work. Your encouragement started me on my path and I will never forget your generosity and kindness. Thank you.”

— Heather N. NOTE: Heather is now a full-time, professional artist!